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Bhimashanker God Shiva's Jyotirling temple near Mumbai Pune

God Shiva Bhimashanker templeBhimashanker temple, one of the 12 jyotirlinga temples of God Shiva, is of spiritual and religious significance. God Shiva's Bhimashanker temple is very ancient, but due to current renovation only few parts of temple reveal the ancient construction.Intricate artwork on the solid stones at the narrow entrance door of the temple is one area which proclaims the historical value.
Bhima river originates from Bhimashanker.

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Bhimashanker Temple
Small dam near Ambegaon on-way for Bhimashanker temple
Scene before Bhimashanker temple

Maha Shivratri (somewhere in Feb / March) is the good time to visit the temple as devoteesand followers make the atmosphere vibrant and overwhelming.To grasp the true vibrations of the place we visited during Navratri.

Travelling to Bhimashanker, about 120KMs from Pune, is climbing on 2 land planes.One near Manchar and second aclivity near Ghodegaon. Overall drive is very good, after Manchar is road gets narrow and uphill drive slows average speed but thats when good part of the drive starts, i.e. from Ghodegaon area.

Downward trail at Bhimashanker temple of God Shiva
Tourists and trekkers can enjoy a half day trek on the rocky waterfall path of the temple.Yes dont venture during the monsoon to avoid being washed into Shayadri ghats.
Bhimashanker promises adventures for tourists, travellers as there are no proper signsto walk down the long multi-trails. Avoid the trails if you are short on time.

Blue Mormon Jungle Resort at Bhimashanker near Pune in India

Blue Mormon Jungle Resort at Bhimashanker near Pune in India
Bhimashanker temple of God Shiva had a nearby MTDC resort but it was closed for renovation.For overnight camping and picnic near Bhimashanker temple of God Shiva, there few local resortsand hotels. However Blue Mormon jungle resort reveals quality and is good, safe place for family with small kids and children. Blue Mormon jungle resort is named after local butterfly.

A small dam beautifies the valley near Ambegaon while driving from Pune to Bhimashaker temple of God Shiva.

Walkway of God Shiva's Bhimashanker temple Parking Charges are Rs 10.00. After parking one has to walk for 1 km to reach the temple

From Mumbai, take central railway train and alight at Karjat station. From Karjat take a bus or a local trnasport.
From Pune, Take Nasik highway - NH 50. After 60 kms at Manchar, turn left on state highway 53 towards Ghodegaon. At the mosque turn left towards Ambegaon and continue for 60 kms.
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