Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vedas flagging Ashthavinayak Ballaleshwar Ganapti temple of Pali

Pali is a popular pilgrim destination due to sacred Ashthavinayak Ballaleshwar Ganapati Temple.
Pali has twin temples of Ashthavinayaks Ballaleshwar Ganapati, DhundiVinayak temple where God first appeared and offered wish to devotee Ballal. Second is the main temple where devotee requested God Ganapati to reside in the village.

DhundiVinayak temple of Pali
is one of twin temples of Balleleshwar Ganapati of Pali.and should be the first to visit, idol of Ballaleshwar Ganapati is similar as in main temple. Temple has paintings depicting Ballal's story.

Idol of Ballaleshwar Ganapati is visibly different and stretched horizontly. Though photo it seems to be unusual, but in reality I found it very beautiful compared to other Asthavinayak idols seen so far.
Ballaleshwar Ashtavinayak Temple of Pali is not only the spiritual centre but also hub of economic activity for common villagers. Numerous shops and auto rickshaws are common sight of such places but what impressed me is the business acumen of local community. Self help groups of Pali village not only prepare sweets as prasad but also pickles and traditional Indian snacks like papad etc. at home.
Home made at Ballaleshwar Ashthavinayak in Pali.jpg Make sure you buy the delicious sweets and seal the treat.
Though the liveliness is good for both locals and visitors, but certainly robs the peace of other wise peace of the temple and its beautiful surrounding.

Mountain Peak at Ballaleshwar Ashthavinayak in Pali.jpg
Ballaleshwar Ashtavinayak Temple of Pali is located at the foothill of scenic mountain.Temple has wooden interiors with fine artwork and a small hall for devotees to spend peaceful time. Though the hall is open, but sanctum is low on air circulation, but beautiful idol of Ballaleshwar Ganapati pulls your attention away from this petty ignorable item.

Hall of Ballaleshwar Ashthavinayak in Pali
About 4 to 5 kms from temple is natural hot water pond at Unhere village, land mark is Dutta temple. Infact there are two - one for male and other for female. Local villagers smartly use it for bathing and surely saving on energy. They should be indeed be awared some carbon credits so that can make sum extra money for sustainence.
Uhere hot water pond near Ballaleshwar Ashthavinayak in Pali
However, didnt find anything great about Unhere's hot water pond and wouild advise to ignored if you are short on time.

Drive to Ashthavinayak Ballaleshwar Ganapti temple of Pali is, on State Highway 92, refreshing due to ample of greenery, remoteness and striking assembly of four mountain peaks.

I call them four vedas : Rig, Sama, Yajur, Atharva.
Vedas are ancient texts of Sanatan dharma, now popular as hindu religion, remarkably detailing Advaita relationship between macrocosm (God) and microcosm (Human) and offering insightful guidelines on interpreting daily life experiences.

Ashthavinayak Ballaleshwar Ganapti temple of Pali is infact located at the base of these mountains visible nearly all along the drive on State highway 92 towards the temple.

Ballal Vinayak temple is named honouring a devotee boy named Ballal whose continued deep devotion was met with fear of abnormality by villagers and their persistent complaint to father resulted in severe treatment and beating of Ballal. God Ganesh then saved and granted wish to unfaltering devotee. Ballal requested God for his continued presence in the village.

For me real Pali hills should be accredited to this small village instead of Mumbai's Pali Hill, in Bandra, where many Bollywood personalities reside. Weather of real Pali hill is more like Mumbai - typical sultry feeling reminding of Alibag beach at distance of 50 or 60 kms from Ashthavinayak Ballaleshwar Ganapti temple of Pali.

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shri Aryabhatt

Following blog, though not exact but ... is translation of text came across at Arya Samaj hall mentioning Shri Aryabhatt, one of Ancient Indian scholar in field of Mathematics, Astronomy and Astrology.

Profoundity of his work is evindent from : India's first satellite was named after Shri Aryabhatt and Pune's IUCCA is proud host of his statue.

More references are available on

Shri Aryabhatt Ancient Indian Scholar in Astronomy Mathematics Astrology

Shri Aryabhatt, born in 476, was one of the earliest Indian legendery scholar and contributed significantly in field of Mathematics, Astronomy and Astrology. His birthplace is village Kusumpur near city Patna, then known as Pataliputra. Aryabhatiya is the most popular work authored by Shri Aryabhatt in 499 at age of 23.

Aryabhatiya is broadly divided in four sections and the contents are written in Sutra style. Sutra style is one of ancient Indian style of writing where brevity and precision is ensured by using technical terms. Sutra style of concised writing can be idiomised as ocean in a bowl, e.g. one of the shloka mentions 5 different theories of Mathematics while in MolPaad, 4th section of Aryabhatiya, entire Sun theory is mentioned in mere 11 shlokas. Some of the currently accepted facts were invented and discovered by Shri Aryabhatt, e.g. Trignometry, one of first users of Pi ( 22/7 - Greek discovery) in regular mathematics. Many of his works are being thought in schools, globally.

Shri Aryabhatt Ancient Indian Scholar in Astronomy Mathematics Astrology
In Astronomy, Shri Aryabhatt was first to claim that earth is round and also rotates around its axis. In one of his books Surya Siddhanth, he provided first meaningful explanation of Solar and Lunar eclipse, instead of accpeting eclipse as work of deamons Rahu and Ketu.
Shri Aryabhatt had calulcated 1 year cycle to be of 365.2586805 days, his calculation was better than Greek calulcation and is still inline with current acceptance.
Shri Aryabhatt's work is mentioned in books like Aryabhatiya, DanshGitika, Tantra.
Shri Aryabhatt is indeed Prime contibutor of late-ancient golden era of free India where it he is believed to be heading the ancient Nalanda university of Astronomy.

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