Thursday, February 12, 2009

Panshet day trip

Panshet Dam reservoir near Pune in India
Panshet Dam's biggest tourist attraction is the water sports facility.Panshet Dam's tourist can enjoy motor boat, jet sking, rowing in theresevoir etc.
Panshet Dam's water reservoir is called Tanaji Sagar.

Group motor boating is for 8-10 persons. Panshet motor boatinghas two packages and lasts for 15-25 minutes in the silentand secluded hillocks.

Panshet Dam group boating near Pune in India

But unsophisticated motor boats are noisy and disturbing.Nevertheless they offer a good view of the Panshet dam's wall.Boats are not allowed close to the Panshet dam wall

Panshet Dam inner wall near Pune in India

Surprisingly motor boats ride are in the drinking water of Pune.It is indeed a health hazard.

Panshet Dam kids special near Pune in India
Kids and Teens have more to do at Panshet dam, it has a micro-small race track with mini-scooters and mini-cars. Panshet Dam vacationers can enjoy teens doing small stunt in the Panshet race track.
Trekkers in Panshet dam have plenty of option and canget good view from height of few hundred feet, but didn'topt for any such adventure since we started late afternoon.

Panshet Dam drive near outer wall near Pune in India
Panshet drive dam is not bad, actually one can easily climb the Panshet dam wall - but its illegal. We didn't climb the wall stleast I didnt want to spoil me outing by getting in legal row

Time to visit
Post monsoon and winter one see plenty of delighful birds on the way to Panshet Dam.

Nearby Places
Panshet Dam's visitors can plan a days vacation to Panshet dam area.
Khadakvasla and Varasgaon dam are within 5-12 kms.

Hisoric Singhgad fort is much before Panshet dam and is normallycrowded. Many people visit Singhgad during weekend for trekkingand jogging.
Farther trail of Singhgad fort offers a breathtaking view of thevalley including the Panshet dam.

Yogananda Society centre near Panshet at Pune in India

Spiritual center of Yoganandaji is also on the way. Organisation was started by author of internationally acclaimed book
Autobiography of a Yogi

Panshet Dam, South West of Pune, is about 45 kms from Pune and takes 1 hour to reach.
Parking charges, Boating Charges, Race Track Charges. Parking charges can be avoided by parking outside the property,while Race track charges arr only for riders.Boating charges cannot be avoided, else there would be hardlyanything to do.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chaturshringi : mother of Pune University

Chaturshringi Temple at Pune in India
Since the Chaturshringi temple of Pune is peacefully overlooking the Pune unversity area, I like to call it mother of Pune University.
Chaturshringi temple offers good package of spiritual and physical well-beingChaturshringi temple is located opposite Pune university on Senapati Bapat Road or S B Road.

Chaturshringi Goddess Facts at Pune in India

Chaturshringi is most crowded during both Navratri (9 days of spiritual devotion) of the year and elaborate people co-ordination perparations are done.

Ambience of Chaturshringi temple impressive due to beautiful hillscaping and fine maintenance. A virtue which many temple trusts of India need to pick and learn.

More Photos

Chaturshringi Temple Grand entrance

Chaturshringi Temple Steps

Devotees have to climb more than 100 steps to reach the actual goddess Chaturshringi shrine on the hill.
Whats striking is that phera (Divine walk around the idol) is on small hill which offers a pleasing view on Pune University Road.

Chaturshringi goddess overlooking Pune University
During afternoon do wear socks to avoid feet burn due to intense sunlight.
Temple also has God Ganesh temple and includes 8 miniature idols of Ashta Vinyaka along the periphery.

Chaturshringi Temple Landscaping at Pune in India
Hillscaping offers a good place to relax for family, visitors, tourists of Chaturshringi temple. Early evening is good time to visit to enjoy beatuful birds and solace ofthe place.

Chaturshringi temple of Pune is also used for quick getaway from hustle-bustle of chaotic Pune traffic.
Chaturshringi temple main entrance at Pune in India Many groups organise scoial gathering in big campus of Pune Chaturshringi temple.

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