Monday, August 25, 2008

Jodhpur – India’s Sun City

Jodhpur, one of Rajasthan’s premier cities, is named after King Rao Jodha. King Rao Jodha holds the credit for establishing by laying the bricks and fostering Jodhpur.

Jodhpur on Google Maps

Umaid Bhavan Palace of Jodhpur in India Umed Palace novelty of Jodhpur was built by Maharaja Umed Singhji. Majority of Umed Palace is now a Seven Star hotel. Umed palace has been royal host to many celebrities; Liz Hurley’s wedding being one of the recent ones. Museum of Umed Palace is very brief and incomplete glimpse of the place, but offers short view for people not staying in hotel for INR 15.00. Like the fort, Umed Palace too is located on hill top and after dusk it turns glowing damsel due to impressive lighting

Jodhpur, though not very big city, but its huge richness of in history, art, culture & tradition begins to unfold right from the Jodhpur train station. Possibly, even before one can reach the train station.

Mighty Mehrangarh fort is visible from the train. Its hill top location historically was of strategic importance, but now its moderate display of regality. Mehrangarh’s beautiful architectural structure and location tell vociferously about the fortress.

Indian Railway office at Jodhpur in India Jodhpur’s train station itself has a beautiful red bricked clock tower as office of Indian Railways. From the railway bridge one gets a partial but beautiful view of Mehrangarh citadel.

Artistic Building of Jodhpur in India Less than 10 kms from train station is the heart of Jodhpur's market. Located at foothills of Mehrangarh fort, its an experience to walk through the ultra narrow streets. The market is so congested and dense that though the ascending and descending streets are owed to the hill of the fort, but once you enter it’s almost impossible to see the fort.


Narrow bypass of Jodhpur's market street

Traffic congesion on market street Jodhpur

Pungal Pada area of Jodhpur offers best of market area– ascending narrow streets densely fenced by moderate houses made extravagant by traditional and intricate Indian artwork. Some of them are so splendid that it’s hard to accept that all the historical treasure is all available for free sight. Pungal Pada area of Jodhpur is also home to world famous super delicious Indian sweet shops like Mohanji’s sweet shop and Mulji’s restaurant. Their high reputation can be heard from many Indian sweet shop owners across the globe, e.g. Sukhadia’s of New Jersey, USA.

Mirchi Wada preparation of Jodhpur India Apart from teeth breaking, yet unstoppable, sweets; Mirchi wada dish (Spicy fritters) is specialty of Jodhpur. Try it at Mulji’s hotel. Owner mistook me for a food inspector while capturing the ingredients of Mirchi wada.

School Building of Jodhpur in IndiaIt’s truly a thrilling and enchanting experience to stroll and witness the historic and traditional city of Jodhpur.

Flatiron building of Jodhpur in IndiaJodhpur ain’t all about history. Like Manhattan, Jodhpur has its own Flatiron building. Though not as big as one in Manhattan, but miniature structure is good reminiscent of New York like setup including intersection of Broadway and 5th Ave.
Jodhpur is shopper’s paradise for Rajasthani style Indian artifacts, craftwork, clothing, gifts and souvenirs. Many five to seven stars luxury hotels of the world use these items for interior decoration.

Another hotel of Jodhpur in India

Clock Tower Market of Jodhpur in India Clock tower (Ghanta Ghar) market of Jodhpur and National handloom house offers another option to buyers Being major tourist attraction there are plenty of hotels available for accommodation.

Hotel area of Jodhpur in IndiaPaanch Baati rotary has many hotels, as shown above, Umed Palace is very close to this area

Jodhpur is a very safe city with very lowcrime rate. Though summers and winters are extreme, I prefer to travel during winter.
Food and sweets are too delicious to avoid, please visit when not on diet.
Culture of Jodhpur is very religous and traditional with lot of respect for local royal families.

Nearyby Places:
Jaipur, Udaipur, Mehsana, Mount Abu. Medta Road .... just too many

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