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Lungs of Cosmopolitan Mumbai (Bombay) city

Entrance of Sanjay Gandhi National park in Borivali suburb of Mumbai in India

Deers with horns at Sanjay Gandhi National park safari in Borivali suburb of Mumbai in India

Borivali National Park on Google Maps

Mumbai (Bombay) is an exceptional cosmopolitan city of the world. No not because of its swarming population, neither because of Bollywood, nor because of being financial & business capital of India.

But because of very little known fact - it’s probably the only city which has National Park as its heart. Popularly its called as Borivali National Park or simply National Park, but official name is Sanjay Gandhi National Park.


Mumbai also a separate animal zoo - Byculla zoo A.K.A. Rani baug located close to Byculla train station.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is located in one of the prime suburbs of Mumbai (Bombay) – Borivali. It occupies sizeable portion of Mumbai (Bombay) city and parents Tulsi lake, Vihar Lake and almost Powai Lake. All three are critical lakes as they meet Mumbai’s (Bombay) drinking water needs. World famous Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay (equivalent to MIT, Harvard) is located on banks of Powai lake.

Creek at Sanjay Gandhi National park safari in Borivali suburb of Mumbai in India
Park offers miles of multiple hiking and trekking trails on the hill plus plain land, waterfalls, mini train, butterfly, boating etc etc. But biggest attractions are lion/tiger safari and Kanheri caves – ancient caves full of ancient traditional artwork and heritage.

Borivali National Park has good signs for Toy Train and Lion safari bus service. Easiest and quickest bet to view wildlife is to walk to the Toy Train station - KrishnaNagri.

Walk on the tracks towards the left hand side and within 1 minute you will reach multiple cages.

Deer at Sanjay Gandhi National park safari in Borivali suburb of Mumbai in India
First cage of Borivali national park of Mumbai (Bombay) houses family of spotless deers and we were lucky to have a young deer close the fence. Rest of the family was grazing at the back

Beautiful spotted deers at Sanjay Gandhi National park safari in Borivali suburb of Mumbai in India
Neighboring cage of the park has family of spotted deers and beautiful arent they !!

Pair of Leopards at Sanjay Gandhi National park in Borivali suburb of Mumbai in India
Leopards – Cheetah are the captives of the next cage of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park of Mumbai (Bombay). Both leopards well built. However they are most unfortunate as their mini cage is in open cage of spotted deers. Oh what a pity.

Free old Lion King at Sanjay Gandhi National park safari in Borivali suburb of Mumbai in India
Lion and white tigers can be viewed in open habitat within Safari of Sanjay Gandhi National Park of Mumbai (Bombay). They roam freely in Borivali National Parks Safari region .
White tigers are next to the lion; yes they are fenced from each other. But unlike the lion, which appeared weak and old, tigers looked strong and active.

Hawk or Eagle at Sanjay Gandhi National park in Borivali suburb of Mumbai in India
There has special buses for Sanjay Gandhi National park Lion safari and charges are Rs 15.00 per adult. Bus gets really overcrowded towards end of the day.

Toy train tracks of Sanjay Gandhi National park in Borivali suburb of Mumbai in India
Toy train is a fun ride for young kids and disappointingly covers only a small section of the park. If there are no kids in the group then simply walk along the tracks. You may get to see Borivali National Parks Trimurti - stone carved statues of lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

The train runs parallel to road leading to Kanheri Caves and then circles around the hill. I actually prefer to walk on the tracks and enjoy the beauty and freshness of Sanjay Gandhi National Park of Mumbai (Bombay).

Butterfly at Sanjay Gandhi National park safari in Borivali suburb of Mumbai in India
Sanjay Gandhi National Park of Mumbai (Bombay) information center is located at 5 minutes walking distance from entrance. Indian Department of Forest has done good job of compiling and displaying the information in systematic manner.
Also the garden of information center has beautiful butterfly’s, attractive flowers and plants.

1) In any condition no hunting should be done since its preserved land and all species are protected by law of Government of India.
2) Travel in groups.
Wildlife (leopard, panther, tiger etc) wanders freely in interior parts of the park and plus resident tribal can be avoided by being in group. Don’t venture on the trails and interior of the park all alone by yourself.
Local tribes still live in the park and better to maintain some distance from them.

1) If traveling by local train then alight at Borivali station. From Borivali East take auto rickshaw. Within 15-20 mintues you will reach the park.
Its right on Eastern Express highway but when traveling by car must not take the flyover, else you will miss the park.
Entrance charges for automobiles are Rs 30.00 and per person is Rs 10.00.

2) Take special ticket of Rs 20.00 to board the bus for Kanheri Caves (7-8kms from entrance).

3) Charges for Borivali National Park's lion safari is Rs 15.00 per adult. Boarding location for Lion safari is almost 1 km inside the park. Follow the signs for toy train and just before the toy train or even from the train station, move downhill and walk over the creek. Seven kilometers along the creek is Kanheri Caves, but for Lion and Tiger Safari of Sanjay Gandhi National Park of Mumbai (Bombay) turn left-right-left again. First you will see kids park with swing, see-saw etc. Walk past the kids park towards the rotary and both at left sells ticket for boarding the bus.

4) Toy train charges are Rs 15.00

Other Places to Visit:
Evershine park at Kandivali suburb of Mumbai. Kanheri Caves of Sanjay Gandhi National Park of Mumbai. South Mumbai. V Mall, In Orbit Mall at Malad suburb of Mumbai , Hyper City mall at Malad suburb of Mumbai, Big Bazar Mall at Kandivali suburb of Mumbai. Essel World Adventure park at Gorai Beach of Mumbai.

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Aaarti said...

HI Navin

Came thru ryze.. is this the Sanjay gandhi national park?? was there in Jan with friend n her kids... barely saw anything...
a peacock..
and while on train saw a huge cage with deer outside, and a smaller cage with a tiger/jaguar inside it..thot it was quite ironical.. lunch is outside, but tiger is trapped!!:)

and went on the safari n saw 2 almost sleeping white tigers n 2 lions that looked like they hadnt been fed in ages.. dint go to caves as kids were tired!!!:)

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