Sunday, July 27, 2008

Life is free in Sarasbaug

Sarasbaug – Swan’s park is a neat, family park located near Swargate & Parvati hill in Pune. As the name suggests the park has many free resident swans both white and black.
Yes you read it right – swans are not caged as in zoo, so it’s a great spectacle to witness the beautiful birds having accepted this park as their permanent dwelling.

It’s a great joy to see these beautiful birds from so closely in their natural habitat free of any cages.

Saras baug View in Pune, India

Sarasbaug pond at Pune in India

Centre point of the park has nicely built Ganesh temple and there are plenty of trees and plants with beautiful flowers and green grass. Whats striking is that the Ganesh temple is constructed on a natural small pond. One has to climb around 20-30 steps to enter the temple, not to say that it does give good overview of park’s front and the main road.

White water lily at Sarasbaug in Pune, India

Hyacinth at Sarasbaug in Pune, India

At first sight the pond appears to be just another with plenty of hyacinth and water lilies but on careful observation it’s inevitable to notice plenty of marine life. Yes the pond is full of tadpoles, colorful fishes and huge tortoises.
Infact, hyacinths play important role in privacy of marine life from camera flashes of intrusive humans (like me ) but also protection. Protection from innocent looking swans. Yes they too need to eat something to maintain their looks.

Sarasbaug fish at Pune in India

It’s actually the pond which has contributed to building the community of swans. This small natural ecosystem in the park makes it unique from other contemporary parks and very-very different from zoo.

Trees at the back of Ganesh temple is the place to view the beautiful white swans. They are in plenty in this park. You may not even have to wait to reach the back of the temple to watch them. If you carefully watch the pond, you could very easily find one amongst the hyacinths - catching a fish.

White swans with orange beaks are easy to spot, it’s the black swan which is hard to find. I luckily spotted one taking a quick dip in pond and flying away with its meal. Good sight but felt bad for the fish.

Sarasbaug's twin towers at Pune in India

Also you will see beautiful twin trees at the right side of the temple, which lulls you to be in Kerala backwaters. From the same right side you can see the Parvati hill.

Park has another entrance from left side of the temple. This side road is full of eating stalls very similar to stalls of Mumbai’s Chowpatty. You can really savor on variety of Indian snacks. But for restaurants you have to drive towards the Swargate Bus depot
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Entry to the park is free but it’s safer to park your car in pay and park to avoid risk of car getting towed by authorities.

Nearby places to see Parvati Hill. Peshwa park. Other temples. Bund garden . Sports stadium. Empress or Queens garden.


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A short capturing of fish in pond of Saras Baug, at Pune in India

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