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Bund Garden AKA Mahatma Gandhi udyan of Pune

Bund garden bird country at Pune in India

Bund Garden of Pune on Google Map

Bund gardens Mula river bank at Pune in India
Bund Garden a.k.a. Mahatma Gandhi Udyan, is very small family park on the banks of Mula river in Pune. no its location is not secluded. Park is part of the busiest road junction of Pune.

Inspite of its urbanish location in a city where real estate prices have already sky rocketed, it does cater to different sections of society kids, parents, youths, casual bird watchers and health conscious individuals as well.

A small section of park is dedicated to kids with swing, see-saw etc. Most of the park is covered with green grass and has benches for comfortable seat. But the noise pollution of the busy junction drives you towards the fence overlooking Mula river.

Ahmed Nagar Rd bridge at Pune in India

View from Bund garden at Pune in IndiaIf you visit mid monsoon, i.e. July – Aug onwards, you would enjoy the sight of gushing flow of water in otherwise dry tributary of Mula river. Park‘s trees house variety of birds nest like sparrow, mayna, crow etc. Deccan College road leading to Khadki is located on the other bank. Shiv mandir on a small hill of Deccan College road is good view. On the right of the park is the AhmedNagar Rd bridge.

Bund garden's Ugly duckling at Pune in IndiaWe visited just before dusk ~ 6:30pm, birds were so active that their noise had overtaken the traffic noise. Park also has a center fountain, but due to renovation it was closed.

Paying Rs 5.00 parking charges is good means securing your vehicle in isolated area instead of leaving aside on main road and bear the brunt of exhausted Pune motorist eager to reach home or other destination.

In parking there is a ghat leading to Mula river, where historically some boating activities were carried out. Now there is no sign of any boating. Parking area is very dirty and poorly managed area. Thankfully there is no human filth.

Bund garden Jogger park at Pune in IndiaOpposite the park is joggers park of Rotary Club of Pune, entry is Rs 4.00 per person, but since it was almost dark we skipped the joggers park.

Bund garden is place one can easily skip as there is very too much price paid for its little offering. But if you are mall junkie then there are two malls a stone throw distance of the park

Nearby Places:
Pune Central Mall on RTO road, Satgurus mall for ethnic and luxurious gift items, Osho ashram at Koregaon park., JM Road and Sambhaji Park.

Saras Baug or Swans Park
. Empress or Queens garden

Park is within 5 kms of Pune railway station. One has to come on Ahmed Nagar road where RTO office, famous Ruby Hall Clinic and Jehangir Cancer hospitals are located.
Auto rickshaw is a good option.
If you are coming from Swargate, then you have two options - either get onto overcrowded JM Road or drive through Pune Army's camp area which gives respite from crazy evening traffic.
If coming from Aundh, Kothrud then reach Sancheti Hospital via driving on University Road. From Sancheti turn left and then turn right towards RTO / Le Meridien hotel.
Right next to Pune Central mall and opposite KBC (Kumar Builders) tower.

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Debosmita Roy said...

Nice post on one of the major attaction of Pune, Bund Garden. It is a favorite haunt for those looking for a quiet, scenic place close to Mother Nature.